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Our Acoustics Consultancy Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi &UAE Include

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Ensuring Acoustics comfort within buildings has always been a part of design codes and construction regulations. In addition to thermal comfort, adequate ventilation, lighting & views, acoustics also plays a pivotal role in determining well-being within interiors.

Building Acoustics

  • Airborne Sound Insulation
  • Airborne noise is sound that is transmitted through the air, such as traffic noise or people talking in the room next door.

  • Impact Sound Insulation (Structure-borne)
  • Impact noise results e.g. from footsteps on a floor, which can be heard in the room below.

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Room Acoustics

  • Room Background Noise (LAeq/NC/NR)
    • Noise from MEP components like AHUs, FCUs, VAVs, Air Terminals and Ducts etc.
Building Acoustic service
Acoustic Testing Company
  • Reverberation Time (RT60)
    • Time the sound pressure level takes to decrease by 60 dB, after sound source is abruptly switched off
  • Speech Transmission Index (STI)
    • Speech Transmission Index (STI) is the most acknowledged standardized parameter for assessing the intelligibility of a spoken message
Acoustical design Engineering

Our engagement matrix in various stages of a project;

Acoustical Design Consulting Services

Construction & Environmental

Our acoustic testing services includes onsite monitoring for MME and Construction Management compliance

Acoustical field testing
innovative design solutions for acoustics

Industries, Oil & Gas

Our acoustic testing services includes onsite monitoring for MME and Onsite Construction Management compliance

Acoustical Design and Installation Services

Occupational Noise Survey

To determine where employees are likely to be exposed to harmful levels of noise and personal dosimetry.

Operational Noise Monitoring

Periodical monitoring during operation to ensure noise levels are maintained below acceptable levels.

Acoustic Noise Survey
Noise monitoring visual representation

Noise Mapping

Noise monitoring with results in a visual representation of noise levels in the form of a contour map.

Codes & Standards

Code/Standard with Application Description
Local Order 61 of 1991 (Emirate of Dubai)
World Health Organization – Community guidelines for Noise
BS8233:2014 – Guidance on sound insulation and Noise reduction for buildings
Building regulations Approved Document E – Resistance to the passage of sound
ASHRAE Handbook Chapter 48 – Noise and Vibration Control
CIBSE guide B4 – Noise and Vibration Control for building service systems
BS 6472: Guide to evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings
BS 6472: Guide to evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings
BS 6841: Guide to measurement & evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration & repeated shock
BS EN ISO 16283-1: Acoustics – Field measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements
BS EN ISO 717-1 Acoustics – Rating of sound insulation in building and of building elements
BS EN ISO 354 Acoustics – Measurement of sound absorption in reverberation room


XL2 Audio & Acoustic Analyzer

XL2 Audio & Acoustic Analyzer

Intrinsically safe dosimeters

Intrinsically safe dosimeters

dodecahedron speakers and omnidirectional sound source

Dodecahedron Speaker

Acoustic Tapping Machine

Tapping Machine

Talkbox acoustic signal generator

Talk Box

Mini Rator Acoustic Power Determination


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