3d laser scanning services in Dubai, UAE

3D Laser Scanning Company

Conserve provides 3D laser Scanning services that can reshape the planning, engineering and construction of large-scale projects. Book Appointment! Conserve offer 3D laser Scanning services in UAE, Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Scanning & Scan-to-BIM:

LiDAR datum can be converted into Building Information Model from its native formats. Conserve utilizes 3D laser scanning technology where field measurements or As-Builts are necessary. 3D laser scanning is cost effective and enables AEC professionals to complete the As-Built documentation process of existing buildings with high accuracy.

The 3D scans can be utilized to create walk-throughs and also provide high definition 360-degree by 320-degree photo-realistic panoramic scans and convert that acquired pointcloud file to a 3D Model or a 2D Drawing.

3D scanned data can be integrated with CAD, GIS & Web platforms where it can be used by engineers to make informed real time decisions.


  • Buildings – Architecture, Structure, MEP and its Utilities Infrastructure
  • Urban Planning
  • Infrastructure – Bridges, Highways & Transportation
  • Off-shore – Oil rigs & Vessels
  • Industrial Applications – Power Stations / Power Plants
Building 3d Scanning company